These 6 Travel Apps Are Must Have With This Year’s Chaos

Be Armed With The Mose Useful Digital Tools Before Your Next Trip Travel can be extremely stressful this year. As airlines, airports, and every other aspect of the industry try and recover from two years of stagnancy, growing pains are rife, and we should enter any travel experience preparing for the worst. In recent weeks, … Read more

This Is Why the Meat You Eat Could Contain Tumors or Cysts

TWO experienced meat workers have admitted to selling meat that has been riddled with tumours. A viral tweet that’s been sweeping social media has horrified members of the British public. The post, that claims “tumours” are cut from meat before being re-sold to customers, makes for grim reading. food industry, science, lifestyle, life sciences, food, … Read more

Best 19 Winter Hiking and Backpacking Destinations Without Snowshoes

Winter is indeed one of the pleasures of living in a country of four seasons. Seeing the beautiful snowflakes falling to the ground is something that we cannot get in a tropical country. Although, cold temperatures also sometimes make us lazy to do activities outside. But what if the reward is an extraordinary natural landscape? … Read more

Simple Finger Test At Home Could Help Show Early Signs Of Lung Cancer

People are being told to do a finger test that can reveal the early signs of lung cancer. The examination can be done at home to show if you have finger clubbing. A simple finger test could determine early signs of lung cancer, it has been reported. Health, Science, Cool Stuff, Medicine, Alternative medicine, Exercise, Food, … Read more

Liver Problems: 6 Silent Signs That Show Your Liver Is Full of Toxins, and May be Damaged in the Short Time

Your liver is a key part of your digestive system, responsible for cleaning out toxins from your blood, processing medicines, producing bile, helping you digest fat, storing glucose and producing proteins for clotting your blood, among many other things. It’s also a fairly forgiving organ, able to regenerate cells up to a point, but repeated … Read more

14 Hidden Signs You’re Not As Healthy As You Think, Research Shows

To me, health is multi-faceted and ultimately can be quite complicated. It encompasses a physical component, mental component, the emotional component, and overall sense of wellness, but we don’t always think of health in this way. To be deemed as healthy, according to Medical News Today, one should have a sense of “physical, mental, and social wellbeing, … Read more

The 10 Best European Hiking Destinations Where You Can Reconnect With Nature

The great outdoors are calling for many people who’ve spent a lot of time inside during the pandemic, and hiking is the perfect way to get some fresh air. Outdoor transmission of COVID-19 is widely considered to be low. So an activity holiday such as a hiking tour could help to cure your coronavirus variant blues, keep … Read more

Urgent Google Warning For Millions Of Android Users – These Symbols Mean Someone Is Watching

GOOGLE is warning millions of Android users when apps might be spying on them. The new feature alerts users when the microphone or camera has been activated. Consumer Tech, Cool Stuff,Technology, Wearable Tech, Watches, Smartwatches, Cool Stuff,Mobile, Mobile Technology, Apple (AAPL), Apple Watch, Smartphone, Technology, Gear & Gadgets, Android, Cool Stuff, Android News,Android Phones,Android Apps,Android … Read more