Naomi Woodman is a Professional Photographer based in the small Canadian town of Orillia. Her photography is inspired by her own childhood and life as a mother of two boys. Growing up she spent her days playing in the forest, building forts, fishing and getting lost in books. During high school she worked in the children's department of the local library and developed film at Black’s Photography. This was when she fell in love with photography. She liked that she could imagine something in her head and make it appear in a photograph as she imaged. The idea of creating sets and costumes made her excited and she moved to Toronto to study Fashion Design. This was a magical time for her, but when it came time to start her family the decision to move back to Orillia was easy. She wanted her kids to experience a similar childhood outside exploring. When her youngest son started kindergarten she went back to school full-time to study Digital Photography and Imaging. She strives for excellence in her work and is always dreaming about her next shoot.