If You Can’t Do This Test in 90 Seconds, DO NOT HIKE!!, Expert Warns

Hiking is an aerobic activity of vigorous intensity. Going up and down hills increases that intensity…and is great for the heart. You use your leg muscles over a sustained period of time, and thus significantly strengthen them. Hiking is also a weight-bearing exercise (when the feet and legs support the body’s weight), which helps to … Read more

TOP 10 Unexplained Mysteries Of The National Parks All The Time

The United States National Park System has over 84 million acres of woods, mountains, deserts, and preserved wilderness, making it a prime place for mysterious happenings. Although people seek explanations, definitive conclusions have never been reached in a large number of these cases. With hikers just vanishing into thin air, strange creatures being spotted among the … Read more

Before Hiking, Do These Stretches to Make You As Flexible As a Cat and Prevent The Hiking Injuries

Holidays are the right moment to do exercises, one of which is hiking trails or walking across hilly paths. However, even easy hiking trails can result in sprained ankles, strained muscles, or worse, if we do hiking trails without preparation. The most effective method of preparing our bodies is consistent stretching. In addition to stretching … Read more